Sunday, October 15, 2006

Obligatory Pumpkins

After is October.
One thing about painting from happens. I was just getting into this little 5x7 when someone showed up at my doorstep. She was here to buy a couple of paintings ( a good and worthy distraction )...when I got back to the painting a half hour later the sun had shifted an unreasonable amount...all values on the windowsill totally changed. How could it be? I considered wiping it all off, but went ahead and finished the little darlings off as best I could. God I'm having fun. Seriously.


Cin said...

hi chuck, I read your comment on Katherine's blog about david Hockney, are these the watercolors you were thinking of?

L.A. Louver gallery

if you look in the publications you'll see a catalog is available

p.s. your paintings are terrific!!!

Chuck Law said...

Thankyou so much Cin,
Yes this the collection I was thinking of. I'm still shocked that it was Ten plus years ago!! Where does the time go? The new paintings are nice, but there's something about this set of watercolors that really touches me. I definitely want to add that catalogue to my Hockney Library :)
Thanks again for the p.s.

A.K.Ard said...

LOL at your title! I had to buy some of these little pumpkins for my son's class this week. When my husband asked if I was going to paint one, I said I might to the "obligatory pumpkin" for October. Then I see you already did!
The warm colors of the pumpkins really stand out from the cool shadows - great work!

Chuck Law said...
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Chuck Law said...

Thankyou Alisha
I do, actually, love to paint pumpkins. They strike a chord with some early art memory. I'm not even really sure what it is...probably cutting them out of construction paper in first grade :) I always end up giving the pumpkin paintings away as gifts. I guess you could call them a "Comfort Painting" kind of like macaroni and cheese; reliable, orange... and, well comfortable.