Saturday, June 01, 2013

Why the blog has gone cold.

OK the blog doesn't get too many posts anymore. The first culprit was/is facebook of course. I get much more feedback ( and sales ) from posting my work on facebook these days. The other problem is that I finally reached the end of my financial rope last winter ( which was never long to begin with). So now I'm working in an office 4 days a week and teaching oil painting the other weekday. That leaves the weekend and precious few are the days and times I can get out to paint now. Still, works are being produced, but they haven't been shown here. I'll be posting more soon. I do want to continue using the blog as an addition to my website....and maybe after a couple of years ( my projected goal ) I'll pay off my debts and be able to afford the time and fund the art as it should be once again. No new experience for fine art oil painters :)