Saturday, June 30, 2007

Second Pond Painting

You may have read about the frog that lives on the little island in the middle of my pond. I feed him worms, grubs and the occasional june bug...he's very happy. I started this painting today...spent so much time on froggy, the water lily had just about closed when I got to it. This will get a second sitting ( maybe third. )Started the other cottage painting today as well.
8x10 oil/panel

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Red White and Blueberries

I broke this little dish last winter, put the two pieces in the trash, went back, saw them lying there and thought to myself, save them...there's a painting there somewhere.
9x12 oil/panel

Monday, June 25, 2007

Berries and Flower A & B

My last two 4 x 6 canvases. I probably won't do much in this size any more, just a wee bit too small.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Usual Stuff

Looking back at my blog for May and June it looks as though I've had a crisis of style. Commission work partially responsible. I'm finally clear of commissions for a while( except for one other cottage piece...not timed.) It feels so freeing...Yeeha!! I have a "scatter painting" I've been dying to get to. Here is a regular ol' flower painting of Hydrangea & Astilbe in an Inkwell oil/panel 5x7 and the finished pond/garden painting oil/panel 8x10

Rennie Harris Puremovement

A friend took me to see a dance performance in Philadelphia Friday night, Rennie Harris Puremovement: Facing Mekka. I wasn't sure what to expect, but Wow, what an experience. Far outside my cultural box and just what my spirit needed. It was also my first time in the Kimmel Center in Philly...what a beautiful place. A Fabulous Evening!! is a little thank you painting for my friend, the mermaid collector. Colors and values did not take to the photo well, but this will have to do.
5x7 oil panel

Saturday, June 23, 2007

HIgh School Graduation Painting

This was done for my Sister's Ex-Husband's Girlfriend, Stacey."whew" It is for her son John who graduated High School this year. Conveniently I live a block away from the Mainland High. She wanted me to put images of John's sports endeavors into the painting...this is what I came up with.
Happy Graduation John!!
8x10 oil

The runner's right foot was cut off in the cropping...sorry

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Waiting on a Friend

Yesterday was one of those leave the house at 7 am and not return until 10 pm kind of days. At one point during the day I was a little early for an appointment, right up the street is a tiny marina with some old rotting boats lining the edge of the water...plopped myself down on the somewhat muddy bank and did this quick sketch. Point of note: I finally used that moleskine sketchbook I stuck in my car a year ago...had to dig under the seat to find the pencil! Approx 8x10

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I have this pink honeysuckle outside the bathroom window. I tried to get a view outside to paint, but I really wanted a closeup, so I cut off a bloom and brought it in. Then I had the bright idea to put a rose in with it, just so I could have a painting titled " Honeysuckle Rose" ...well the rose just didn't work, so here's my little 5x7 study of plain ol' HoneySuckle"

Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Yesterday I was up at 6 am to do this watercolor card for my Dad, It's apicture of his boat that he uses for commercial fishing. All that's missing is the smell!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pond Study with Flowers 6pm

Finally a keeper! Boy painting plein air can be pretty strenuous. The light was failing fast when I did this, but of course that was when everything looked perfect! It's the first time I've tried to paint the pond, I think about it all the time, but maybe I've been a bit afraid, especially after my last two failures of attepmted garden paintings. I think this one is worthy of a second sitting.
Well I forgot to photograph my fathers card, so'll I'll do the Happy Father's Day post tomorrow!
8x10 oil/panel

Saturday, June 16, 2007

New Cottage Painting... "Causeway's End"

I really think of these as shanties, but I painted this piece to hang in place of "After The Beach". That painting sold after two days at the 'Vanishing Seashore Cottage' Show at the Ocean City Art Center. The Staff asked if I had another to hang in it's place, so I did this one over the last three days. I actually took the reference photo prior to the one I used for the back porch shower scene that sold. I didn't paint these intitially because to me they aren't really beach cottages. Well I guess they are summer homes near the beach tho...They stand at the end of the causeway into Wildwood. There used to be many like this lining the causeways that lead to the shore, now there are only a few left, so they are indeed vanishing. I had lost the sun when I reached this place and it's pretty far south of here ( I wasn't going back ) hence the gloomey look. I think I'm going to do several more beach house paintings to feature at the Boardwalk Art Show this year. I've always loved Edward Hopper ...this and the other remind me of his work. I saw an exhibit of his paintings and drawings at the Whitney in New York last winter. Funny that I should be doing these architectural paintings a few months later. ..hmmm

9x12 oil/panel

Sunday, June 10, 2007

5 pm in the Garden

A little 5x7 , beautiful evening to sit outside and paint...No gnats, just cool shadows and streaks of light.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

An Iris for Katherine

OK I saw this last bearded Iris in my garden and just knew I had to do one for Katherine Tyrrell's Georgia O'Keefe Month on Making a Mark. I only had an hour to do this before going out, so I know it lacks the fine modelling of an O' she wouldn't have that dark background! Still it was fun and the aroma of the iris was wonderfully intense while I did the painting. Georgia is one of my favorite Artists. Her landscape paintings were a major influence back in highschool. I like many of her contemporaries also, it's one of my favorite periods in American art. I did a bone and feather painting last fall thas was a direct homage to "OK" as well.

Last Chance Prize Winner

It was two years ago that I did this now beloved painting. It was the first piece I completed when I decided I was going to get " serious" about my painting. It just won the Frederick Nunn Silver Award at the Cape May County Art League's annual tri-state juried art show. I figure this may be the last award for awhile on this piece. It's taken three other ribbons in the last two years. Most juried shows have a two year time limit on submitted works. Unlike many artists these days I am careful to date my work when I sign it. I was also at the opening reception for the Ocean City Art Center's "Vanishing Seashore Cottage" Show last night.
They have such a wonderful selection of paintings by local artists, if you are in the area I highly recommend stopping in to see it.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Now for something completely different

Approx 8x10

Here is a short notice commission...My client requested watercolor, this will be a gift for a retirement party, what a nice place to "retire" to!!
...I added ink 'cause it seemed bland to me.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Angel & Mussel on a Bed of Sand

Had to wipe two off before this one came out.
5x7 oil/panel

Monday, June 04, 2007

Little Angel Wing Shells

4x6 canvas panels

I thought as I did these that they felt very different from the ones I did last year at this time. Last year's were on a bed of sand. What a difference a surface can make. I sold those little angel wing paintings as a set for 30.00 a piece at a show on the boardwalk...maybe I can do that again this year. They're one of my favorite shells and fun to paint. It's been raining cats and dogs around here, so I needed to work inside. More flowers later.

Little Angel Wing Shells

Saturday, June 02, 2007


I felt so very rusty doing this 8x10 ...must do many more.