Saturday, June 16, 2007

New Cottage Painting... "Causeway's End"

I really think of these as shanties, but I painted this piece to hang in place of "After The Beach". That painting sold after two days at the 'Vanishing Seashore Cottage' Show at the Ocean City Art Center. The Staff asked if I had another to hang in it's place, so I did this one over the last three days. I actually took the reference photo prior to the one I used for the back porch shower scene that sold. I didn't paint these intitially because to me they aren't really beach cottages. Well I guess they are summer homes near the beach tho...They stand at the end of the causeway into Wildwood. There used to be many like this lining the causeways that lead to the shore, now there are only a few left, so they are indeed vanishing. I had lost the sun when I reached this place and it's pretty far south of here ( I wasn't going back ) hence the gloomey look. I think I'm going to do several more beach house paintings to feature at the Boardwalk Art Show this year. I've always loved Edward Hopper ...this and the other remind me of his work. I saw an exhibit of his paintings and drawings at the Whitney in New York last winter. Funny that I should be doing these architectural paintings a few months later. ..hmmm

9x12 oil/panel


Jo Castillo said...

Chuck, this is very nice, too. You should have another sale! Congratulations!

Stacy said...

Chuck, I recognized these shanties right away! I've vacationed in Sea Isle City for as long as I can remember. But we often make the trek from SIC to the Wildwood boardwalk to by paddle pops at Douglas Fudge. The trip took us past these little houses. It's amazing how different it looks now.

Chuck Law said...

Thankyou Jo...I did!
Stacy it's a;ways great to hear from someone close to home. Everything about the shore has changed so much in recent years, and not just here in Jersey. When I go to North Carolina and Virginia it seems like half the country has moved to the coast!