Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My other creative outlet

Now that my back is feeling better I've been doing time at the flowershop..Also been working a few hours each day to complete the 'Beached Bones' painting. Here's a pic of me at the Flower shop from last Winter...not a good example of my floral abilities, but you get the idea! I'll post some more flower pictures ( of my more outstanding work!)in the coming months...after all it is my other creaive endeavor!


Angie said...

Now I know where all those purty flower paintings come from...a little snooping around can really pay off! It's me PastelMama from Wetcanvas! and I just wanted to say "Hi". My sister works in a flower show that her and her mother-in-law own and operate. I love your arrangements in this pic. See ya!

Chuck Law said...

Hey Angie
...thanks for stopping in!! I'm still pretty new at this blogging thing...its always a thrill when somebody leaves a comment!!
Thanks for the compliment...I'll see ya over at WetCanvas...