Saturday, March 18, 2006

Formal Orchids

Completed this little darling yesterday. The painting has been slow going as I try to rehab my back into shape. I went so far as to get a referal to the neurosurgeon, but didn't make the appointment.Unfortunatley I suffer from post-operative back pain caused by a disk operation 8 years ago. What that means basically is that I'm up the creek..I can control the problem through excersize, keeping my weight down and paying attention to the fact that I'm not 27 anymore....three things I really let go of since December....Well pain always was my best motivator! And it's largely because of this unsolvable back problem that I turned to painting full time last March. I have a dear friend and spiritual advisor who has taught me that it is possible to Turn Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones. So off I go to take a nice long walk then back to the studio to start the next painting....


Rose Bard said...

Hi Chuck,

Those are real lovely paintings you have in your blog and website. I wonder how you can add some light backgrounds to your paintings and make them look that beautifull. You know bg are my worse nightmare within a painting.

Great work you display in your blog. Love all of them. :)

Chuck Law said...

..Thankyou for commenting Rose.
..I have to laugh because I repainted the background in this work about four times...first it was too yellow..then too lavender ( that one was nearest to real life) then too white..I finally added a thin glaze of green after finishing everything else...that looked just right...along with the reflections of purple around each orchid. Backgrounds are a huge challenge for me in my Arrangement Series Paintings...Something I don't think most people realize. Thanks for noticing:)

Rose Bard said...

I was interested to see what you would think of my comment and had to come back to read your response. That was so funny to read. Amazing how you dont realize how certain aspects of painting can be a challenge in different ways to different artists. I think I have being mainly afraid of fixing or replying painting and your response showed me that not always we need to give up too soon. Thanks. You do at the end come with lovely bgs that really are part of the painting. :) :)