Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spring at Birch Grove Park

I was going to title this Green on Green on Green. A beautiful afternoon. When I sat down to paint this scene there were three canadian geese sleeping on that ridge of ground...they promptly moved when I started. I figured the view was nice enough without them. One came over and sat very close to me ( then went to sleep ) while I painted...the perfect painting companion! 8x10


Carolyn said...

This painting really captures the light coming through the trees. Lovely painting, the kind of place I would enjoy sitting in a garden chair, sipping a latte!

Kat said...

How lucky for you to have such a companion! How sweet.

Greg Little said...

These ( Spring at Birch Grove Park and Marsh Creek) are really beautiful & well done, Chuck! I am curious how you arrive with your greens... very nice!

Chuck Law said...

Thank you Carolyn & Kat I appreciate the comments.
Thank you too Greg.
I use a split primary palette. Ultra blue & prussian blue, cad yellow deep & cad lemon...these four colors plus cad red light and alizarin for neutralizing give me an endless variety. Occasionaly I add something pre-mixed and wierd like cinnabar or olive green,( but not with these two ) I find it can get confusing with too many colors so usually it's just the six with Titanium white and raw umber for even more neutralizing....that's confusing enough! One note...I try to avoid using much white.
Frankly I often feel like I'm careening out of control with green...'specially the Birch Grove piece. The moss is so unreal looking, yet it truly is that crazy green..especially after rain.