Sunday, August 17, 2008

In Memorium

Here is an unfinished piece from the early 90s. It is of my Cat Owen. Owen died today. He was sixteen. He was named after the character Owen Meany from the John Irving novel " A prayer for Owen Meany " He was not much like Irving's character, but he was a Meany for sure. He will be missed.
approx 30x30


Greg Little said...

Sorry for your loss. It's a very nice painting and I am sure he was a Meany only in the best of ways !

Chuck Law said...

Thank you Greg

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Chuck - so sorry to hear about Meany. My boy cat was very nearly 16 when he died. They leave a big hole........

Chuck Law said...

Thank you Katherine
He was my first pet.
My other Cat, Edie keeps looking for him. A loss for her as well.

J. Nijholt-Strong said...

Dear Chuck,
We're so sorry to hear this and sorry to be late with our condolences (haven't been looking at blogs much).
We know Owen lived a wonderful life with you and was much loved.
We still have that photo you sent us...we'll miss him too. :(
Give Edie a hug for us.
Judy and "Sacha"

Chuck Law said...

Thanks Judy
Owen was the only cat in the neighborhood who had friends in Holland!
Well There's Edie too, now she gets all the attention ..which she doesn't seem to mind very much at all.

mongoose1 said...

I am sorry to hear about Owen. It's so difficult to lose a beloved friend.


Chuck Law said...

Thank you Cindy