Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Collecting Art

It seems that my own desire to collect internet paintings has been stimulated in the last few weeks. It began when I purchased a Creepy Drawing from Craig Stephens. A perfect keep-sake gag gift for my friend and companion Jack who has just turned fifty today ( he really liked it!).

Then after almost three years of trying I won a bid on one of Duane Keiser's Oddments. Keiser is one of ( if not the first) of daily blog painters and takes credit for being one of the inovators of this modern movement in painting. Needless to say I'm thrilled to add the little painting to my collection of art. I consider Mr Keiser to be a major influence on my decision to begin painting pictures in a smaller ( 5"x7") format. A choice that has changed my work considerabley over the last two years.

Now Jeff Hayes is having a contest to win one of his small but perfect oil pantings. To enter all one needs to do is add Jeff's blog link ( blogrolling ) to thier own link list. I've long been a fan of Jeff's work and gladly add him to my links.

My own blog sales have been on an upswing after a fallow year. This blog was started not as a marketing tool, but as a way for my friends ( and my few collectors ) to follow my weekly output. The selling part came almost as a suprise when I naively began what I thought was just an online diary. Blogging my art has become an essential element in the process for me. It's really great to be part of all this. As my own paintings sell I'm able to purchase the work of others that I admire, something I have great passion for.

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