Thursday, February 21, 2008

Two Years Today

Wow I almost forgot that today marks the Second Anniversary of this blog. When I started this it was mostly as a personal journal and an accompaniment to my website. Then for a while I joined up with a Daily Painters website, made some sales and put more interest into it as a marketing tool. Now it seems I've come full circle. Getting caught up with doing small ( almost) daily paintings changed my work. I realized I wanted ( and needed ) to learn much more about painting with oils. For a time I thought I could simply think my way into good painting, now I understand it's about taking action. I beleive the practice I began eighteen months ago with daily painting is finally beginning to pay off. It's given me the confidence to begin exploring new venues (such as the plein air landscapes). Also I must mention my involvement with fine artists at Wet Canvas. The free adviceI get there is a wonderful tool for learning and growth as an artist. Who could guess that the internet could be such a resource?
I work a steady 20 hour week at the day job now, so I feel a bit more relaxed in taking time to explore new techniques. A lot of these changes have to do with the physical problems I've had with my back ...even the change from indoor still life to outdoor painting. Pain brought me to a place where I began painting in earnest and for that I'm grateful. Now that I've achieved some balance I think ( and hope ) my painting will continue to grow..and my spirit along with it.


Jo Castillo said...

Happy Birthday to your blog! Or Happy Anniversary!

Very nice and how your art has progressed. Wow. Nice job.

Chuck Law said...

Thank you Jo :)