Saturday, February 16, 2008


It may seem funny but I actually believe that a higher power guides me in much of my painting. I went out today to do a beach scene, when I got there I realized I left my masonite panels at home, as I went to get back into my car I saw this perfect little specimen laying on the edge of the street. I don't paint every dead animal I come across, but birds are so beautiful... even in repose.


Werner said...

Hi Chuck,
Nice words... and although already in repose, this scene looks very dramatic - it may sound stupid but the pose of this animal reminds me of the famous photography of Robert Capa, A Republican soldier...

Chuck Law said...

Thank you Werner.
I appreciate (and understand) the comparison to Capa. I had not heard of him before and I've really enjoyed learning about him and looking at some of his photos. It's things like this that make the internet a wonderful place to expand one's horizons.