Tuesday, September 04, 2007

"Heirlooms" ...work in progress

My great grandmother's quilt with shells my mother picked up from the beach when she was a little girl. 24" x 24"


Jo Castillo said...

Nice selection and beautiful painting.


Joanie San Chirico said...

Hey Chuck,

Do you think that when you exhibit this painting, some lady will come and try to turn up the edge to see your grandmother's stitching??

Werner said...

Hi Chuck,
Great work! The pattern of the quilt together with the shadows, and all of this in a subtle "mise en abyme" (things of your mother and grandmother, painted by the son) - leave the beholder dizzy!
(Are you aware of the strange atmosphere this is creating?)

Chuck Law said...

Thanks for the comments.
Joanie, they might have a hard time with seeing the stitching..of course they could pull it apart to see how it's framed!! for those of you reading this, Joanie is a textile artist who has a lovely piece next one of my paintings at the Noyes Museum Signature Artist Exhbit.During the opening some lady grabbed Joanies Piece and turned it over to view the back..we were amazed at the nerve!

Werner I didn't plan it intentionaly but there is indeed a "mise en abyme" quality to this, of course the fact that I'm male makes the spiral just a little less then perfect. As it is your comment has given even more meaning to the painting for me..thankyou!

BIO said...

I like the way your work is developing. I first came across your work a few years ago in Wet Canvas. Congratulations on dedicating yourself to painting full time.


Bernie Rosage Jr. said...

Chuck... somehow I missed this one and am glad I chanced upon it here. The shadows and reds dance in this one. Great job my friend...