Wednesday, February 21, 2007


sorry about the greens.

A nod to Keiser for the title. This large painting started out at the end of December my initial inspiration was two rectangles of light with an arrangement of clams dancing over top of them. I thought I had left that style behind when I started...and now time has shown that perhaps I have. I was pretty unhappy when I posted what I thought was the final work at Wet Canvas last week. I realized in viewing the work digitally, that the background was not at all what I envisioned at the outset. After much consideration and meditaion and yes even some prayer, I felt directed to change the rectangles into something concrete. And so I have. I struggled with this because, quite frankly I'm lazy and didn't really want to invest so much more time into the piece....and then I asked myself, do I want this to be a good painting...or do I want to go the extra mile and try to create something exceptional...may never know the answer, but at least I know I'm giving it my best. One other change that has occured in the process of this piece.... I've been doing small direct paintings almost daily for the last several months and I was hoping to execute this huge Work in the same manner...I began with really big brushes and broad strokes, but soon the desire for subtle detail kicked in. Perhaps I yet lack the abilty to match the vision with the craft....I am back to hard edge realism and glazing. Not a bad thing for me since I'm starting to feel that satisfaction that comes when a painting matches my expectations. I was thinking of Sargent when I started , now I've got Wyeth-ey feelings as the Burlap takes shape. As I complete the burlap it will be pretty close to the blue background in tone...I think that will really give the dance of the clams their rightful due.

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