Friday, December 08, 2006

Backside Mermaid


This one reminds me of my cat Edie, who loves to lounge around with her back to the world, facing the wall...Much Attitude!

5x7 oil/panel

I spent Yesterday at the Met in NYC. Several excellent exhibits going on. Of main interest for me was The Americans in Paris and the Ambroise Vollard;Cezanne to Picasso exhibits. While visiting some of my old favorites the other half took this pic without my knowledge...I wish he had captured me in front of "The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit" by Sargent...that painting just blew me away. I really could have just spent the entire day studying that masterpiece. Wow.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen Karen Jurick's "Girl Power" on her blog - of the girl sat on the ground in front of the daughters - and drawing?

Great exhibition isn't it - I don't remember Van Gogh being an American though! ;)

Chuck Law said...

Vincent was in " my old favorites" section. There was also a stunning roomful in the Vollard exhibit.