Sunday, May 28, 2006

Little Clam Paintings

Two 5x7 oils of clams..getting ready for the summer shows!
Cape May Promenade July 8,9 & 10
Ventnor Library July 22nd
Ocean City Boardwalk 2nd weekend in August
Cape May Mall first weekend in September
....that's all far.


Jan Blencowe said...

I absolutely LOVE these clam shell paintings!!! Having grown up at the beach at Fire Island NY and collected these large clam shells and painted on them as a kid and then watched as my own kids collected them and painted on them makes me an expert of sorts regarding the lovely colors inside them and you've nailed it!!

Art & Life

Chuck Law said...

Thankyou Jan
These are the large clams you mentioned, but they are babies :)...There's only one beach I know of here in south Jersey where I can find the little ones in the early spring. While lots of people find clams dull, I've always loved the subtle blues and rusts and even bits of yellow orange they reveal when you really look at them.
I used to paint pictures on clamshells in North Carolina when I was a teenager...I would attach them to magnets and sell em in a local craft store...wish I'd saved a few.