Wednesday, October 05, 2011

An Honest Update

It was in October last year when I really started thinking negatively about continuing on with painting. I had finally hit the wall financially. Not that I'm alone with that these day! I could no longer afford to even buy materials let alone pay for the balance of living costs needed from my 2 day a week part time office job. If I could have found full time work I would gladly have taken it. I worked two days in Febraury as a floral designer and realized with the resultant back pain that I could never go back to that type of work again. Doctors have been telling me this for 11 years, but I dont let go easily! Anyway that was my plan "B" if I couldn't make it as an artist. I felt afraid and turned to eating as a comfort ( gained 35 lbs. ) I spent the remainder of last winter and spring feeling sorry for myself and doing very little painting. I'm not sure why, but Late this summer especially in September at the Wings & Water Festival I finally began to feel revitalized and interested in growing as an artist again. I'm still poor as dirt and racking up debt for the first time in my adult life...but hey Life does goes on and the spirit that guided me into painting remains ...always waiting for me to tap into it!
"Reeds Beach Marina" 12x9 SOLD

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Mark said...

Hey Chuck, I really like your art and your fortitude. Don't give up. When you get knocked down, and we all do, just get back up and keep going.