Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weymouth Furnace: Plein Air

These old stone arches were brilliantly back lit in the late afternoon. What a site...I'll be going back again. The picture is kind of reflecty, taken on location.


William R. Moore said...

Nice, I like the close relationship of values and the your brushwork.

Chuck Law said...

Thank you Mr Moore
Felt like I moved ahead a little bit with this one.

Mary said...

This is a lovely composition, and I love your subtle handling of value and color. I am delighted to have found your fascinating blog via your comment on Linda Blondheim's. I hope you will be able to continue focusing on your painting and make a career of it--a difficult undertaking anytime, but harder still in this economy. Thanks for sharing your creative journey.

Greg Little said...

Hey Chuck! Beautiful palette and love these locations you are coming up with!

Chuck Law said...

Thank you for the kind words Mary.
And thank you too Greg. We have a few site of these old ruins of glass and iron factories here in South Jersey...they're pretty neat. I've avoided them for a while... now I can't get enough, just started a larger studio version of Weymouth Furnace.