Sunday, December 13, 2009


I spent last week completing two commissions and my christmas cards. None of which I'm ready to post here. I've also been taking some time to reorganize the studio, update my bio and other information as I prepare for the New Year and my upcoming Solo Show in March. Also did something different this holiday season...all my Christmas shopping has taken place on the internet! No more Malls! Stay tuned I've got a clean palette and an itch to start painting for me again. "Wet Paint:Low Tide" 5x7


Kat said...

Do you ever show your Christmas cards?
Sounds like you have some good goals and I am looking forward to more of your wonderful paintings.
I hate shopping in Malls, can't remember the last time I did. I do a lot of online shopping because it is so convienent and also, most of the gift have to be mailed anyway.
Good luck in the coming year.

Chuck Law said...

Thanks Kat.
Yes. I'll post this year's card after my family recieves them. I do a limited number each year for family and close friends. You can see past efforts in my December archives.
Same with comission work. I don't like to show them until after the collector receives the painting.