Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Full Fall Throttle


Fresh off the easel. A few minor adjustments may yet be made. I made sure to go out and paint today as this was the last clear day for a while. We are expecting two back to back "Nor'easters" ....rain, cold air and high winds for the next six days! Kind of cool really. 8x10


Kat said...

Hey Chuck, are you getting the North E'stners? (or how ever you say/spell that)

Chuck Law said...

Yes Kat it was raining for 5 days. Unusual to have two in a row. Nor'Easters, a term from New England I think. It's a common storm system that forms here on the Mid Atlantic coast then moves up north. They range from mildly bad weather to severe hurricane like condtions. Lots of tidal flooding and wind. I love them. moderation of course ;)