Sunday, April 05, 2009

Ruth's House

Right behind this house is Adam's Perfect Funeral Home. My friend Ruth occasionaly takes home some of the left over flowers Mr. Perfect leaves out by his trash. For many years I was the main florist for Adam's Perfect, so when I later met Ruth I found it funny that many of her scavanged fresh cuts were probably mine to begin with...funny world. 8x10


r garriott said...

Really?? Adam's Perfect Funeral Home? What a perfect name. And good for your flower-recycling friend.

A nice painting with a great story to go with it, What could be more perfect?

Chuck Law said...

Thank's "R". Glad you stopped by, Your paintings are terrific!

Funny thing about that funeral was quite a few years before I realized "Perfect" was a pro-noun and not an adjective!