Sunday, February 22, 2009

Three Years and Counting

Yesterday marked Three Years since I began this blog. Sometimes when I look back I feel that I've grown much as a painter... other times not so much. I do know that I can handle the medium ( oils ) far better then I could in 2006. I also know that my taste for pop art subjects has all but vanished. I've also learned ( largely through journaling ) that I can not predict what I may paint in the future. And more then anything I've learned that I have much further to go and grow than I ever imagined back when I returned to painting in 2005. Temper that last bit with a much clearer understanding now of what my goals as an artist are ..and a realistic attitude about where I stand in the wide world of realistic oil painters.
Several months ago I ran into some problems ( and problems still ) with Google Analytics. I am no longer able to keep track of who and how many visit this blog. That was terribly important to me and I suppose I may have to start a new blog altogether if I want to regain that window of information. Letting go of the obsession of who's watching has been a good thing. I'm still selling a few paintings from here ( far more then my website and far less then shows and commissions ) Selling was not my goal when I started Chuck Law's Art Pages and though it became so for a while it seems that for now I've gone back to happily using this venue primarily as an open record of my painting process...a wonderful digital sketchbook for all to see. My goal is to keep things here mostly visual as I tend to lose myself with words. Thanks to those of you who take the time to comment because yes, even though I can know longer tell who's looking in I still care quite a bit...after all I'm not just painting for myself. That has been most significant and perhaps the most spiritual lesson of all.

* photo of Great Blue Heron perched on my Koi pond!


Kat said...

Dear Chuck,
Just letting you know that I am a fan of yours and love your work. It is inspiring for me to know that our world is blessed with artists. I love how each artist sees things through their own eyes. I have always been amazed by how people can draw, paint, etc. It is an awesome talent to have.

Chuck Law said...

Thank you Kat :)

Carolyn said...

Hi Chuck, I enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing how you've grown as an artist. It is encouraging to me. I only just started daily painting and blogging this year and hope to improve as fast as you have. I'll enjoy following you.

Chuck Law said...

Good Luck Carolyn...and thank you!