Monday, March 17, 2008

Finished Version Of House off Ocean Hgts. Ave

I've had two wipe outs over the last three days ( bad paintings that get wiped off )
This kind of thing happens. I went back last week and did a second session on this and finished it up when I got home. 11x14 oil/panel


Werner said...

Very interesting work, Chuck. I like the way you handled the trees here.

Chuck Law said...

Hi Werner. I'm not sure I've figured out where I'm going with these plein air paintings yet ( style-wise ), but I think this one is getting close. I'm happy with the balance of detail and looseness...especially the trees :)
Thanks for commenting.
By the way I'm still totally in love with my "Free Drawing", it's hanging in my living room now!

Jo Castillo said...

Chuck, this is a beautiful painting. Great trees and just enough detail for me. Nice work.